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This point system indicates how quickly a keyword appears when a user types in a search query in the Amazon search bar. The number displayed is on a scale of 1-25, with 1 representing the fastest and 25 representing the slowest. Keywords with a depth of 1 are likely to be very competitive. Keyword depth can vary based on search trends, algorithm changes, seasonality, and new product releases.


This column indicates how often a keyword is searched throughout the year. Keywords can be classified as EVERGREEN: The keyword appears in search every month; SEASONAL: The keyword has only appeared in a search for up to 3 months, no more; or NEW: The keyword just appeared in search results. This column is still in the beta phase, and we are always working to refine our results. If you notice anything out of the ordinary please feel free to let us know via the blue help/chat button below.

Amazon Search Volume(搜索量)

This column gives you the estimated monthly total of overall Amazon searches per keyword. Our data scientists use our proprietary algorithms to comb through our extensive database and calculate the ranking of every single search phrase. Taking into account the number of monthly Amazon shopper visits, we then allocate the proportional search volume across all search phrases. We repeat this process many times every month to give you the most up-to-date information available today.

Other Amazon keywords tools use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising data to produce their keyword estimates. The MerchantWords approach is different. Instead of focusing on what search phrases are popular with Amazon Advertisers, we focus first on what search phrases are popular with Amazon Shoppers.

The best place to find new opportunities and trends is within the Amazon search bar. Naturally, we also consult PPC advertising data, but this is to supplement our algorithms and data science. The result is the most accurate, most extensive database of customer keyword search data available today.